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Kemps release. Georgia Sea Turtle Center


The release of cold stun Kemp's that have been rehabilitated. Saving just 1 Kemp's is extreemly important and here you will see 6 that have been rehabilitated and returning to the wild.

Did you know 2014 turned out to be the largest rescue operation of an endangered species in the world? Every year in Cape Cod during the months of November 1st to the end of December sea turtles become cold stunned. This is where the turtles become hypothermic and if not saved they perish. Unfortunately the most endangered sea turtle species of them all the Kemp’s Ridley is the largest percentage of turtles that become hypothermic and perish.

When people ask me is it worth it. I tell them the Kemp's Ridley is the most endangered. We do what we can to protect and save a species headed towards extinction. So what is the value? There is no value one can place on a species headed for extinction. The best we can do to prolong the existence of the species is to take measures to continue doing what we all do. The costs are insignificant.

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