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Turtles Fly Too What an event the Sea Turtle Program at WSU CVME became. History...


Turtles Fly Too What an event the Sea Turtle Program at WSU CVME became. History was made. I am still on cloud 9. Thanks to everyone for making this spectacular event happen. From the air rescue operation I was aware of all the cold stun sea turtles that did not survive. I decided something needed to be accomplished rather than destroy. I told NOAA and FWS that I wanted some of the dead sea turtles. They asked for what purpose, my response was “I will figure it out as I go”. #TurtlesFlyToo (TF2) started as an air rescue operation transporting its sea turtle patients to hospitals in the southern coastal states from the cold waters of Cape Cod. What started off as a few taxidermied specimens has grown into a remarkable necropsy program for high schools and prime example #WSUCVME.

Thanks to NOAA for Dr. Brian Stacy. Dr. Stacy you know how much I appreciate your involvement with TF2. Dr. Cynthia Faux you are remarkable. The first time I met Dr. Faux was not at her familiar stomping grounds at WSU but at our booth at #OSH18 provided by NOAA with her father checking out all the aircraft. Did you know Dr. Faux is a pilot? Dr. Allan Pessier thanks to your assisting with our unique program and presentation as well. Katy Heaton, your incredible, I am not sure what Dr. Faux would do without you, you are the backbone; however you really need to figure out where the key to the Cougar Gold Cheese Vault is. I am always telling all about the great cheese and ice cream at WSU.

For all you students, veterinarians and technicians who attended you went beyond my imagination of your enjoyment of the program. You are the reason I made a decision to accomplish all that one possibly could by bringing and incredible learning experience to you. I know there will be a day in your life that you talk about your experience. Turtles Fly Too is an organization for all to enjoy and be part of.

What you all experienced would have not been possible if not for general aviation (ga). Hard to imagine ga and necropsy go hand in hand.

Again, thanks to everyone who made this event possible! #NOAA #TurtlesFlyToo #WSUCVM #SeaTurtles #ContinuingEducation

Leslie J. Weinstein
Turtles Fly Too, Inc.
4911 Parkwood Street
Boise, ID 83704
501(c)(3) public charity
EIN 81-4802745