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Support Turtles with Amazon Smile

AmazonSmile logoThe turtles will thank you!

As we all sit in quarantine and wait for this once in a lifetime pandemic to make its way through our country, many of us are turning to new online delivery services. Did you know you are now able to buy groceries through Whole Foods on Amazon? Whether you are looking for hand sanitizer, toilet paper, or fresh veggies, Amazon is the one-stop-shop. Amazon not only offers amazing services but also through AmazonSmile they will donate a portion of your purchase to eligible non-profits including Turtles Fly Too. It’s very easy to designate Turtles Fly Too as your non-profit of choice: simply log on to, log in to your account, and type in your charitable organization. AmazonSmile offers all the same products as Amazon, so next time you’re in need just log on to AmazonSmile.

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About the author

Sophie Costa

Sophie Costa

Sophie Costa, Marketing, Communications & Programs Manager

I previously lived in Key Largo, Florida, where I worked as a biologist at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. I am currently completing my Master’s Thesis in the USVI looking at the effects of the invasive seagrass, Halophila stipulacea, on juvenile yellowtail snapper populations. At Turtles Fly Too I am responsible for social media and communications, to try to spread the word on our organization.