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We can’t get the job done without your help.

Intake of turtles

Our ability to respond to animal rescues is directly related to support from you.

NOAA and other organizations call on Turtles Fly Too to provide air transportation when endangered species are threatened, either through a cold stun event, entanglement, or when an endangered animal is injured. These transports require hours of organization, permitting, and coordination between the origination site and final destination.

TF2’s rapid response shortens travel time and therefore reduces stress on turtles and other endangered species, resulting in higher opportunities for recovery because we are able to transport patients directly to the best facilities and locations based on their needs.

We’ve invested in and recruited “Turtle Fliers”… dedicated, generous pilots that contribute time, equipment and fuel to fly these missions. As our successful missions have become recognized nationwide, we are experiencing increasing calls for help.

Turtles Fly Too is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We rely on donations, underwriting from businesses and philanthropic support. We run a lean operation so that we can focus on rescuing endangered species. Our ability to respond to animal rescues is directly related to support from you.

If you value our work, we could use your help now.

Please help us continue to save these endangered species.

With gratitude,

Bonnie E. Barnes
Executive Director

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About the author

Bonnie E. Barnes

Bonnie E. Barnes

Bonnie E. Barnes, Executive Director

Bonnie previously served as Development Manager for an International Marine Conservation organization headquartered in the Florida Keys. Bonnie’s heart is in conservation, whether scuba diving, traipsing through a forest, or swooshing down a mountain, she loves and cares about our environment.