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Meet Paul & Sherry Schubert, Turtle Fliers, Advisory Board and designer of our Turtles!

Paul and Sherry delivering Turtle to St. Louis
Paul and Sherry delivering "Quasi" Sea Turtle to St. Louis

The Schuberts, Paul and Sherry

Turtles Fly Too is proud to introduce two of our dedicated Turtle Fliers this month, Paul and Sherry Schubert of Louisberg, NC (LHZ). Paul and Sherry use their Dahler TBM850 for business travel and personal explorations along the NC coast and Outer Banks, from the home of controlled flight at KittyHawk (FFA) to historic Moorehead City (MRH).

Five years ago the Schuberts’ flew their first mission for TF2 and today, they have flown six missions. The most recent was the transport of ‘Quasi,’ a Green sea turtle that was injured by a boat strike and was unable to be released due to long term effects of those injuries. Quasi was flown from his rehab center at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center to St. Louis, MO (STL) to join another injured and rehabilitated Green sea turtle "Tsunami" at an amazing new expansion of the St Louis Aquarium. Turtles Fly Too also flew Tsunami a month earlier to St. Louis. 


Hand-crocheted Octopi  for sale benefit Turtles Fly Too Hand-crocheted Sea Turtles for sale benefit Turtles Fly Too

After their first flight, Sherry was so thrilled, she immediately started donating her time to crochet beautiful stuffed sea turtles and sea creatures that are still being sold on the TF2 website, and she contributes all the proceeds back to TF2!


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Sid leads MISATS Aero Technology R&D thrust. He is an experienced aeronautical engineer with over 30 years in aeronautical design, development and manufacturing. Sid’s lean design experience is gained in many NASA and aviation industry cockpit systems, design for manufacturing and FAA certification projects. Sid currently uses Lean Design® methodologies to develop a new generation innovative aircraft designs that embody “lean thinking” and ensure affordable acquisition as well as passenger/customer fares. His workshop presentations stress that the pay-off of efficient aircraft design (quality, cost, weight savings, etc.) is a key for economic success.