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Catching up with Pilot Paul Schubert!

Paul Schubert transporting turtles from New England Aquarium
Paul Schubert transporting turtles from New England Aquarium

Paul Schubert is one of our esteemed Turtle Flier pilots who assists Turtles Fly Too in flying turtles throughout the United States. Paul is going on his fifth-year volunteering for TF2 and has flown five Turtle missions. Originally from North Carolina, he received his pilot’s license nearly thirteen years ago in order to fly between the businesses he manages. Paul said that he has always enjoyed flying for a purpose, and would assist in transporting dogs and cats in need of rescue. So, when he came across an advertisement seeking help in transporting endangered sea turtles between rehabilitation centers, he knew it was a cause he needed to help.





Best Clam Chowder is at Haddad's Ocean Cafe

Paul’s most memorable moment over the last five years was when he flew into Marshfield, MA (KGHG) for a Turtle Rescue Mission, and was surprised with exactly what he was craving on the cold December day- a bowl of traditional Northeastern Clam Chowder. The team at Shoreline Aviation got together to surprise him with a delicious hot meal that really hit the spot. He said “its always memorable […] working with the dedicated team and flying the turtles.”



He said he enjoys working with Turtles Fly Too because he has always enjoyed flying for a good cause, especially to help marine life. He said, “[his] father was in the Coast Guard, so [he] grew up near the ocean, and turtles can be a sign of how healthy the marine ecosystem is. By keeping them whole we keep our oceans whole in a way,” and we here at TF2 could not agree more.

From each of us at Turtles Fly Too, thank you so much for your past years of hard work and dedication Mr. Paul Schubert!

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Sophie Costa

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