Leslie Weinstein
President of Turtles Fly Too

Born and raised in the St Augustine area, I spent most of my youth along the beaches near my home. Even as a child, the sea turtles that laid their eggs on our property fascinated me. I found myself ever protective of them as I often rescued many eggs from other beaches where turtle nests were being robbed for profit or vandalized by beachgoers for sport. Little did I realize that nearly 30 years later, those very same sea turtles would return to these same beach dunes where I hid their eggs as a kid. Our passion for the preservation of sea turtles and for research and education to further sea turtle conservation is what encouraged my wife Linda and I to donate our beach-front property to the UF ACCSTR to support the continued existence of sea turtle conservation.

  • True-Lock LLC, Manager and Founder, Advanced Fastener and Materials Technology has over 1,500 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA-STC-PMA) Certifications, worked with Program Managers, Executive Directors at Department of Defense
  • Member (voting) Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Spindle Nut Testing and Performance Task Force
  • Chairman SAE Subcommittee for Data Research and Funding, Truck & Bus Wheel End Subcommittee
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Advocacy Roundtable, Administrator Hector Barreto in 2002 met with me in Boise to discuss my becoming a member of his team
  • Development Board Chairman, University of Florida Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research (UF ACCSTR)
  • Ranching further taught me the importance of conservation, how to protect the valuable resources by improving and not depleting