An Ongoing Effort

Our mission is to facilitate the use of general aviation to transport endangered species and to promote conservation through education and outreach.

While some might find sea turtles and airplanes an unlikely match, Leslie Weinstein does not. “The little sea turtle -an endangered species- and general aviation -another endangered species- have come together to rescue each other. That’s the way I see it.” Today, Turtles Fly Too has evolved into a full-fledged 501(c)(3) for the purpose of maintaining the ongoing rescue, rehabilitation, research and education efforts for endangered sea turtles.

Meet the Team

David Dinneen

Massachusetts Aviation Coordinator for Turtles Fly To

Leslie Weinstein

President of Turtles Fly Too

Ken Andrews

Vice President, Advisory Board

Sid Siddiqi

Aviation Advisor, Advisory Board

Sara Hertwig

Director of social marketing

Matt Ruwe

Advisory Board

Matt Thurber

Board Member

Kate Sampson

NOAA Representative, Advisory Board

Andy Reinach

Board Member

Advisory Board Members & Supporters

Paul and Sherry Schubert

Members of the Advisory Board

Two of our most dedicated "Turtle Fliers, Paul has flown numerous missions for Turtles Fly Too, along with Sherry by his side. Sherry also contributes by crocheting sea turtles, selling them to benefit Turtles Fly Too. Check out her merchandise by clicking here.

Nathan Weinstein

Treasurer, Advisory Board