Sid Siddiqi
Aviation Advisor, Advisory Board

Sid leads MISATS Aero Technology R&D thrust. He is an experienced aeronautical engineer with over 30 years in aeronautical design, development and manufacturing. Sid’s lean design experience is gained in many NASA and aviation industry cockpit systems, design for manufacturing and FAA certification projects. Sid currently uses Lean Design® methodologies to develop a new generation innovative aircraft designs that embody “lean thinking” and ensure affordable acquisition as well as passenger/customer fares. His workshop presentations stress that the pay-off of efficient aircraft design (quality, cost, weight savings, etc.) is a key for economic success.

Sid worked with 2 NASA & Aviation Industry consortia: AGATE –Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments program, and its follow-up SATS - Small Aircraft Transportation System program

AGATE was a consortia of the General Aviation industry (Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Glasair, Lancair, Piper, etc.), NASA, and the FAA as well as many aviation trade associations (EAA, AOPA, NATA, NASAO, NBAA, SAMA), as well as universities MIT & Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

In AGATE Sid was one of the leads for the Integrated Design & Manufacturing work for the Michigan SATS Simulator Cockpit of the Future.

Sid also worked as an Aero Structural Engineer in the NASA Industry, FAA & DOD ACT – Advanced Composites Technology program.