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Aviation Is Making A Difference

Turtles Fly Too, Inc.

Turtles Fly Too’s mission is to coordinate and facilitate the inclusion of general aviation in large scale “first responder” relocation efforts. We engage general aviation pilots who donate their expertise, aircraft, fuel, and labor while leaving a lasting mark on endangered species rescue efforts.

Turtles Fly Too partners with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to educate students and other non-profit organizations about the importance of general aviation to our society, and specifically, endangered sea turtle rescue operations.

NOAA and other organizations call on Turtles Fly Too to provide air transportation when endangered species are threatened, either through a cold stun event, entanglement, or when an endangered animal is injured. These transports are made possible by the donation of time, equipment, and fuel from our “Turtle Fliers,” the dedicated, generous pilots associated with Turtles Fly Too. Using flights instead of ground transport shortens travel time and therefore reduces stress on these turtles and other endangered species.

We invite you to learn more about us and become part of our family.  

Turtles Fly Too's logo

Turtles Fly Too, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the US. Our tax ID number is 81-4802745.

Our mission is to coordinate and facilitate the use of general aviation to transport endangered species, critical response teams, and to educate the community on conservation of marine life.


Recent Posts

New Life is on the Horizon

As we have transitioned out of cold stunning season, new life is on the horizon in the form of baby sea turtles. Around the globe, news stories are popping up of the exciting numbers of female sea turtles nesting on empty beaches. Promising arrivals of large leatherback sea turtles in Florida and Olive Ridley sea turtles in India lead us to believe it will be a big nesting season this year. [more]

Catching up with Pilot Paul Schubert!

Paul Schubert is one of our esteemed Turtle Flier pilots who assists Turtles Fly Too in flying turtles throughout the United States. Paul is going on his fifth-year volunteering for TF2 and has flown five Turtle missions. [more]

Rescued Guadalupe Fur Seal Flown to Rehabilitation Center in California Amid Travel Restrictions

In the face of extraordinary challenges and continued restrictions due to COVID19, five organizations in the Pacific Northwest and California came together to rescue a young Guadalupe fur seal, a threatened species. The young seal caused a bit of a stir on the now-empty Oregon coast, where the species has historically been rarely sighted. Upon rescue, the rare seal departed on an unusual journey across Oregon and Washington until finally arriving in California, thanks to the heroic efforts of multiple organizations. [more]

It's an important day for our Oceans!

It's an important day for our Oceans! It’s a day to reflect on just how the actions we take every day affect our oceans. As a major food source, we need to protect and nurture and not overuse its resources. Turtles Fly Too supports our Oceans every day with our mission to provide general aviation transport of endangered species. We celebrate with you on this special day.  [more]