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Aviation Is Making A Difference

Turtles Fly Too, Inc.

Turtles Fly Too’s mission is to coordinate and facilitate the inclusion of general aviation in large scale “first responder” relocation efforts. We engage general aviation pilots who donate their expertise, aircraft, fuel, and labor while leaving a lasting mark on endangered species rescue efforts.

Turtles Fly Too partners with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to educate students and other non-profit organizations about the importance of general aviation to our society, and specifically, endangered sea turtle rescue operations.

NOAA and other organizations call on Turtles Fly Too to provide air transportation when endangered species are threatened, either through a cold stun event, entanglement, or when an endangered animal is injured. These transports are made possible by the donation of time, equipment, and fuel from our “Turtle Fliers,” the dedicated, generous pilots associated with Turtles Fly Too. Using flights instead of ground transport shortens travel time and therefore reduces stress on these turtles and other endangered species.

We invite you to learn more about us and become part of our family.  

Turtles Fly Too's logo

Turtles Fly Too, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the US. Our tax ID number is 81-4802745.

Our mission is to coordinate and facilitate the use of general aviation to transport endangered species, critical response teams, and to educate the community on conservation of marine life.


Recent Posts

Berni Returns to the Sea after International Travel Home

SeaWorld San Diego’s Rescue Team returned Berni Stranders--a rescued and rehabilitated Olive ridley sea turtle--to his ocean home for a second chance at life today (Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020). Berni was returned about 7 miles off the coast of Point Loma where the water was a nice warm 74 degrees F.

Paul and Sherry delivering Turtle to St. Louis

Meet Paul & Sherry Schubert, Turtle Fliers, Advisory Board and designer of our Turtles!

Two Who Care! We introduce you to Paul & Sherry Schubert, TF2 Turtle Fliers, Advisory Board members and designer of our crocheted Turtles! Paul and Sherry fly a SOCATA 2013 TBM 850 from LHZ NC. [more]

Turtle Flier Logo

Turtle Fliers Needed for Cold-Stun Transports

Sea turtles will start to wash up on the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts by November. We never know how many turtles to expect each year. In the last five years, the total has ranged from 300 to over 800, with the maximum ever documented in 2014--over 1,200 cold-stunned turtles. The Response Network rescues these sea turtles from beaches and brings them to rehabilitation facilities in Massachusetts. Once there, the turtles are gradually warmed, started on treatment, and stabilized to await transport to a long-term care facility. [more]

Rescue team removing lines from Humpback Whale

Rescue Team Disentangles Young Humpback Whale Found in Shipping Channel offshore near New York City

What started as a typical Monday morning quickly turned into a race against time. On Monday, July 27 a call came in early to NOAA Fisheries by the U.S. Coast Guard reporting a young humpback whale that had been sighted in the Ambrose Channel of New York. The whale faced danger from ships navigating the channel and its inability to move as it was entangled. [more]