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Turtles Fly Too News

Catching up with Pilot Paul Schubert!

Paul Schubert is one of our esteemed Turtle Flier pilots who assists Turtles Fly Too in flying turtles throughout the United States. Paul is going on his fifth-year volunteering for TF2 and has flown five Turtle missions. [more]

Rescued Guadalupe Fur Seal Flown to Rehabilitation Center in California Amid Travel Restrictions

In the face of extraordinary challenges and continued restrictions due to COVID19, five organizations in the Pacific Northwest and California came together to rescue a young Guadalupe fur seal, a threatened species. The young seal caused a bit of a stir on the now-empty Oregon coast, where the species has historically been rarely sighted. Upon rescue, the rare seal departed on an unusual journey across Oregon and Washington until finally arriving in California, thanks to the heroic efforts of multiple organizations. [more]

It's an important day for our Oceans!

It's an important day for our Oceans! It’s a day to reflect on just how the actions we take every day affect our oceans. As a major food source, we need to protect and nurture and not overuse its resources. Turtles Fly Too supports our Oceans every day with our mission to provide general aviation transport of endangered species. We celebrate with you on this special day.  [more]

Celebrate Earth Day with Turtles Fly Too!

Greetings, Earthlings. That's right, it's Earth Day. Today is actually the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. It’s a day to reflect on Mother Nature’s beauty and enjoy our natural environment. So, strap on your face mask, walk outside, take a deep breath, and say good morning world! Turtles Fly Too supports Mother Earth every day with our mission to provide general aviation support for the transport of endangered species. We celebrate with you on this special day. [more]

Flight of Compassion

As the world stands frozen in place to stop the spread of this devastating virus, Turtles Fly Too was requested to fly an emergency rescue mission the last weekend in March. The goal: to return one loggerhead and 16 cold-stunned Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles back to the oceans after recovery. With the global pandemic occurring, this mission was more than what we would normally ask of a Turtle Flier, however, upon receiving the request for assistance it was quickly determined that we needed to respond. [more]

TF2 Represented at Northwest Aviation Show in February

Turtles Fly Two recently attended the 37th Northwest Aviation and Trade Show in Puyallup, Washington. TF2 is receiving increasing requests for TF2 flights on the Pacific coast and it was important to meet and bring awareness of our expanding mission, to recruit pilots and planes located near the Pacific coast for future flights, and to discuss potential operations with our partners at SR3 and USFWS. [more]

F45 - North Palm Beach Fly-In

Before the world went on lockdown, Turtles Fly Too hosted an incredible fly-in event in North Palm Beach, Florida. Fifty pilots and guests from around the US flew in for a day focused on the turtles. Unlike the volunteer pilots’ normal days working on turtle transports, this was a day to say thank you to our Turtle Fliers. [more]

We can’t get the job done without your help.

Turtles Fly Too is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We rely on donations, underwriting from businesses and philanthropic support. We run a lean operation so that we can focus on rescuing endangered species. Our ability to respond to animal rescues is directly related to support from you. [more]

Support Turtles with Amazon Smile

It’s very easy to designate Turtles Fly Too as your non-profit of choice: simply log on to, log in to your account, and type in your charitable organization. [more]

As we fly off into the New Year, we take a moment to reflect on 2018, which was ...

As we fly off into the New Year, we take a moment to reflect on 2018, which was one of the worst cold stunning years for sea turtles in the North East. Turtles Fly Too was happy to be a part of transferring 863 turtles from New England Aquarium to various rehabilitation facilities throughout the United States. TF2 holds the crucial position of bringing together pilots and turtl ...