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Become A Corporate Partner


Working Together We Can Make A Difference.


Loading loggerhead onto Castle Aviation planeSome of the most recognized and respected corporations in the world are making a difference for the planet—and building goodwill with their customers and stakeholders—by partnering with Turtles Fly Too to protect marine life and other endangered species.

We believe that the private sector plays an important role in advancing conservation through investments, sustainable business practices, and developing policies and solutions that can make a difference for our oceans and the communities that depend most upon its health. Turtles Fly Too desires to partner with corporations that have a strong corporate social responsibility and care about the environment.

As a partner to Turtles Fly Too, corporations demonstrate their support for the impact that ordinary citizens contribute daily to helping conserve marine life worldwide. When you become an annual supporter of Turtles Fly Too, you are making a powerful investment for your business.

Turtles Fly Too does not accept corporate funding that compromises our independence, objectivity, or integrity. Support from our private sector partners is directly invested in efforts to protect marine life by actively engaging and inspiring the public through citizen science, education, and partnerships with the scientific community. We remain committed to fostering partnerships that advance our core values and mission to protect marine species worldwide.

Turtles Fly Too’s corporate engagement is built around generalized support for operations and specific areas of giving. Corporate partners will be recognized for their total annual contribution, yet each partner has the opportunity to direct support to our various programs and events as well. The chart below indicates the recognition levels for total annual giving. To request a copy of Turtles Fly Too Corporate Giving Policy, email

Corporate Sponsorships

Sponsorships result in broader corporate participation in events that reinforce our mission and programmatic objectives. Most importantly, sponsorship facilitates a measurable difference in the programs we offer, through increased participation in Turtles Fly Too’s flagship events, including Turtles Fly Too fly-ins, to thank “Turtle Fliers.” These events are attended by individuals from around the world who are committed to conservation action and community responsibility by supporting and participating in these events to benefit Turtles Fly Too. Consider sponsoring an education or outreach program in your community.

[Click here] for our complete .pdf brochure.
[Click here] for our corporate policies.
[Click here] for our corporate commitment form.


Corporate Matching Gifts

If your corporation offers a matching gift program to current employees and retirees, you can include Turtles Fly Too on your list of potential matched gifts.


Shop to Support and Turtles Fly Too’s Cause Marketing Program

When you “Shop to Support,” you increase awareness of our mission and work through brand awareness and affinity campaigns. Today more than ever, consumers look for products that not only meet their immediate needs but give back to the community too.

To learn more about how your Corporation or Family Foundation can help Turtles Fly Too support Turtles Fly Too programs that educate the community and benefit marine life, please contact us at, or call 208-484-7774.